Application forms

Applying for registration - this is available for New Zealand based applicants only

Application form for Competence and Recertification Assessment - for the purpose of Registration

Application form for Non-binding Assessment of an Overseas Qualification - for overseas trained applicants

Applying for registration

To request an application pack:

There is one application form and one set of guide notes to accompany them, which you can request by completing the form below and pressing ‘send’.


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If you have not completed a recognised New Zealand qualification (or overseas equivalent), you may have enough practical experience to compensate for this as per the SWRB icon Section 13 Policy (195.44 kB). Find out more about Section 13 applications here.

If you want to discuss your application, contact us on 04 931 2650.

As part of your application you will need to include various attachments including a:

icon Confidential Reference Request (62.72 kB)

 Request and consent vetting form

Enough Practical Experience

Most of these will need to be certified. All documents not in English must also be officially translated unless otherwise specified. It’s very important to read the application guide notes before and while you complete the application form. Getting the information and attachments right first time will save you time and hassle in the long run.

Once registered, you must also hold an Annual Practising Certificate. To get your APC, you need to complete a separate form, which the SWRB will supply once your registration is confirmed. The SWRB has a number of policy statements relating to registration (view these here).

Application form for a Non-binding Assessment of an Overseas Qualification

FOR OVERSEAS-TRAINED APPLICANTS: If you were trained overseas and are seeking registration as a social worker in New Zealand, the non-binding assessment of overseas qualifications will inform you whether your qualification is equivalent to the minimum standard of qualifications required for registration in New Zealand.

If your social work qualification was completed in England and you are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council then your qualification is deemed to be equivalent to a New Zealand Social Work qualification and you do not need to complete a Non-Binding Assessment. You can apply for Registration in New Zealand

Download the form icon Non-binding Assessment (50.44 kB). The fee for the Non-binding Assessment is NZ$300.00 including GST.

The results of a non-binding assessment do not guarantee full registration. An application for registration form will need to be completed for those seeking registration.